Ralek Gracie coined the "G in a Gi" phrase on his album by the same name.

Ralek Gracie coined the “G in a Gi” phrase on his album by the same name.

Although the custom jiu jitsu gi is originally meant to be worn for fighting or jiu-jitsu, its cut and design also makes it perfect as a casual attire for men. Recent years and fashion trends have seen many variations done on the classic custom jiu jitsu gi, but underneath all those tweaks and variations, it is still essentially a custom jiu jitsu gi.

Buying a BJJ custom jiu jitsu gi has become quite the norm among men, whose tastes also vary in direct relationship to the variations being done on the custom jiu jitsu gi. Shopping for a custom jiu jitsu gi garment would be easier if you familiarize yourself with the unique cuts and designs of these attires. You would then be able to tell them apart.

Several elements in fashion are used to give a garment that unique quality that sets it apart from other clothes. With the custom jiu jitsu gi, you can touch on several elements. Take a look at the fabric that has been used in making the attire. The weaves of the fabric becomes of particular import. Shopping for a BJJ custom jiu jitsu gi will have you suddenly learning about things such as pearl weave, single or double weave, hybrid weave, gold weave. Generally, no particular weave is better that the other, but the main issue is that of preference in terms of fabric weave pattern and strength.

Another distinctive element to look at is weight. Many people are conscious about the clothes they wear. On a hot day, you can wear light attire, and when the weather is a bit chilly and cold, put on something heavy. You would find that the traditional custom jiu jitsu gi is on the heavy side, taking its cue from the original Japanese custom jiu jitsu gi fashion, which had the attire weighing in at 2 to 3 kg. However, the modern day version in the Brazilian side has taken a liking to keep the custom jiu jitsu gi (also called Gi) as light attire. This brings into focus the issue of weave, try to identify a light weave that is also strong especially is you want to wear the attire when indulging in the sport of jiu-jitsu.

It is actually normal to find a patch or two directly placed on the torso or the arms of the custom jiu jitsu gi. The patch is usually a logo of the company that makes the attire. As far as advertising goes, the patch is just the right size, not too big to compromise the design and swallow it whole, and not too small that the advertising would not be enough. Instead of patches, however, recent fashion developments are now making use of embroidered branding, which is fast becoming an accepted element of fashion in BJJ custom jiu jitsu gis.

There are three pants variations when it comes to the pants of the custom jiu jitsu gi. While weighing options, comfort is pitted against the strength of the fabric. A custom jiu jitsu gi to be worn on a jiu-jitsu match would have to be strong, stop-rip is quite a favorite that’s why although comfort is something that all these custom jiu jitsu gis offer, you still have to be more circumspect when the fabric strength is involved. You could also go for pants in canvas or in drill. A black BJJ custom jiu jitsu gi is quite difficult to come by. However, the two main colors most BJJ custom jiu jitsu gis come in are blue and white. The three are the main and accepted colors for the custom jiu jitsu gi attire.